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Alliances are formed and shattered, and lifelong friendships are put to the test as the various crews deal and duel to the death.

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His deep pockets and stellar reputation prove to be valuable tools in Loco's plot to take over the streets of Philly.

But he must first overcome the ghosts from a turbulent past.

Dame, the Harlem-born hustler, is also the top dog in town.

His Umbrella network is unmatched in cash-flow and manpower.

We soon learn that these three are not what they seem and don't ...

See full summary » Three notorious gangsters wage a bloody battle for supremacy in the City of Brotherly Love.

With a long list of enemies seeking territory and revenge, the self-proclaimed "cakeaholic" is forced into a vicious war.

Loco, the flashy Miami playboy, is about to be released from prison.

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r Age provides a platform to touch and feel, try and experiment.

See full summary » Jeff Cole is a recent graduate of the Cincinnati police academy who dreams of working undercover.

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