Direct sex chats

Telegram's goal is not to bring profit and we value the disk space on our servers greatly.

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Telegram uses phone numbers as unique identifiers, so that it is easy for you to switch from other messaging apps (SMS, Whats App, etc.) and retain your social graph.

We ask your permission before syncing your contacts.

We don’t know what this random data stands for and we have no idea which particular chat it belongs to.

We periodically purge this random data from our servers to save disk space.

We can store your shipping information for you if you choose to save it for future purchases.

We will delete this information immediately if you ask us to.We store your contacts in order to notify you as soon as one of your contacts signs up for Telegram and to properly display names in notifications.We only need the number and name (first and last) for this to work and store no other data about your contacts.That's right: no marketing or “we miss you” bullshit.If you would like to delete your account, you can do this on the deactivation page.We do not access and do not store your credit card information.

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