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Job (air date: 2016-10-21) Charity begins at home as Jack and Victor offer a helping hand to Methadone Mick.

A parking fine from the past comes back to haunt Winston, and Boabby's award glory goes awry.

Mimi gets a toy boy, Billy the Jockey football team's star striker, but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers her new beau is the not the man she thought he was.

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Elsewhere, Frank is temporarily blinded by bootleg vodka.

Rejecting doctor's orders to detox, the family take advantage of his blindness and set about turning his vices into virtues.

He and his team of medical doctors try to cure complex and rare diseases from very ill ordinary people in the United States of America. D." is one of the most cleverly written shows I have ever watched.

The sarcasm is somewhat of a front for his pain (I'm guessing both physical and emotional). His sarcasm is one of the reasons I watch the show.

After Eva's "death", he burns a photo of her and him and watches it burn rendering his true feelings. Now that your body was stolen by the same family of vampires that are trying to steal mine! Now, I just need one more witch, and then we can finish the ritual! Take all the power we need, and then those kids can go home to their moms! Enough power that we ain't got to worry about raising a kid in fear of Marcel Gerard.

Eva: "You know, even when you betrayed me, I didn't blame you. And then we need never be under their control ever again." Vincent: "Eva, this is for us. Having a kid that is learning magic because of all the right reasons, for the joy of it and because it fulfills the soul, instead of because it needs to protect itself." Eva (to Vincent): "What lives in me lives in you.

Podczas swej wędrówki zaprzyjaźnia się z wieloma Ziemianami, staje też na drodze wrogim rasom, takim jak Dalekowie czy Cybermeni, które chcą podbić kosmos.

Jak każdy Władca Czasu Doktor może regenerować się, zmieniając zarówno swój wygląd, jak i osobowość...

Small Change (air date: 2016-10-28) Comedy in which lifelong friends cope with everything modern life has to throw at them. After one year of marriage, Fergie gets relationship advice from Jack and Victor, while Navid and Boabby settle a dispute over whose job is the cushiest.

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