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If you’re a dog lover like us, then you’ll enjoy going for a walk as an ideal first date, so get searching now and see if you can find other dog lovers in your area and take a journey through our recommended walks across Ireland. We envy the Dog Action Welfare Group an have great time and respect for anyone involved. This is not to say that non dog lovers will be a good catch, but dog lovers do have some captivating qualities that would make their relationship strong, lasting and loving. Whether you are looking for somebody of the same sex, or the opposite sex, or even just a friend to hang our with, then this site is for you!

Whether you have a dog or no dog, everybody is welcome.

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Our website offers numerous interesting and comfortable approaches for our members to meet and get to know each other.

Leads 2 Love is an online dating and walks site made by Dog Lovers, for Dog Lovers, in Ireland!

Dog Date Afternoon – A Free Dating App for Dog Lovers by Dog Owners and Lovers alike. - Swipe right or left on profiles of humans and their canine companions.- Once a match is made, start messaging each other and go out on a date with your dogs.- Use the activity Alert to notify all your matches that you and your dog will be going out on an adventure.

The possibilities are endless.- See profiles of other people and their dogs in your area.

Mans best friend really is the greatest Ice Breaker! G each year and we invite you to help support them as much as possible throughout each year. They are affectionate, they are loyal, they are providers – ask and it shall be given, and they are not afraid of long term commitment, like their dogs, your date may be for life, not just for Christmas.

Leads 2 Love eliminates the what- ifs, the waste of time, the first date awkwardness and of course the waste of money when the night out to find “the one” turns out to be a bust. Our mission is to provide the best matchmaking services for individuals who are looking for a relationship with dog lovers and who enjoy outdoors, entice individuals to stay fit, help individuals who run doggy services build a larger profile and support dog charities in Ireland. We want to do great things for our community, we will be organising events throughout the year that will help bring single dog owners together and help to support charities through out each event, such a mental health Ireland, Breast Cancer awareness, MS and more. If you want a cuddle and kiss, find a dog lover, if that’s what they will do for their fluffy friends, imagine what they will do for you!

Unfortunately, many pet-centric dating sites share user content with other more general sites, so profiles are not always pet specific — which means you could still be matched up with someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do about your pets.

In addition, dating sites tend to have a larger number of female users, which can be a bonus if you’re a guy.

Another potential perk of dating a dog lover: they may be more empathetic.

A 2014 study found that dog owners are more engaged with their communities, likely as a result of being tapped into their empathetic, understanding side from all the hours spent caring for their pet.

You are a dog person who wants to share their love for dogs with others. Find your dog-loving soulmate, or simply stick with casual dating. Go on a first date to dog parks, arrange a dog date, or meet at one of many dog friendly places in your area.

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