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We especially enjoyed Berry’s portrayal of the closeted gay Redcoat during a fireside chess game: Berry made John at turns cordial, flirtatious, grief-stricken and ashamed, often just in the way he gazed at Sam Heughan’s Jamie.

"I'm a big city boy from Boston so it's a whole different lifestyle for us and, you know, all the different things we run into in the small town really create a lot of funny moments for us," he continued.

A well-known celebrity, Kimberly Fey is better known for her marriage with Donnie Wahlberg.

Kim was born in 1969, but her actual birth date is not known.

She began her career as an engineer in the music industry, and met Donnie Wahlberg while she was working with Marky Mark, at the age of 22.

So, when a celebrity leaves a $2,000 tip, it's a big deal.

Early Thursday morning, Donnie Wahlberg, a founding member of New Kids on the Block and a current star of "Blue Bloods," posted a photo on Facebook that showed a Waffle House receipt with a ,000 tip.Tyson’s scene on the couch with Davis, in which mother and daughter wept over the reality of Ophelia’s condition, was one of the series’ most nuanced, tender moments to date.about why they aren’t planning on having more kids.Thank you to our frequent visitors and all who have supported the site through the years. Waffle House is known for its delicious food — and low prices. To move past this devastating loss, the shrink cued Danny to lean on his large, loving family. After all, Danny noted, tears welling in Wahlberg’s eyes, “Linda’s the one I always lean on.” Capping Wahlberg’s gut-punch of a performance was a quiet scene, where Danny was invited to sit down for a first dinner at the new home Erin & Co.

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