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This is similar to #3, but with a paranoid twist: Since it can’t possibly be true that other people are a better fit for the job, we must be hiding our real reason for not wanting to hire him.In fact, I’m generally happy to give feedback if an applicant requests it, but I’m not going to make it a routine part of our rejection notice — both because of lack of time and staff to do so, and also because taking the time to give feedback frequently leads to something like this next one: 5.Some background: My organization emails rejection notes to all applicants we don’t offer a job to.

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But in this world I suppose a persons whole life, intelligence, and excitement will always be less important than “typos”.

I guess I should have skipped University and attended typing classes. I do like character and enthusiasm, but it’s naive to think they trump attention to detail or a basic fit with the qualifications for the job.

Only southerners know how to deliver a rejection notice correctly. (Plus, my rejection letter is pretty nice, so southern rejection must include light petting or something.) 3.

This is actually the most common theme when candidates react poorly to rejection — being 100% convinced that no one is a better candidate than they are.

Around mid-September, a number of consumers received an email about a class-action lawsuit against Uber regarding its claims about its Safe Rides Fee.

Since there are so many scams these days, we’re helping you determine if this email is legitimate, and if it is, how you can ensure that you’re properly compensated. The Safe Rides Fee lawsuit is a real class-action lawsuit.While Uber is currently contending with a number of lawsuits regarding its business practices and treatment of drivers, this Safe Rides Fee lawsuit specifically deals with the nature of its mischaracterization of the thoroughness of its background checking process.While it denies the allegations, Uber has agreed to a settlement and has since changed the language describing the background check process.Sometimes we hear back from people thanking us for the notification (which I recommend — reflects well on them), but every once in a while a candidate sends a nasty email back, outraged that they’ve been rejected.I can’t figure out why job applicants are willing to burn their bridges in this way, especially since there otherwise may have been other opportunities for them with us in the future. I can appreciate that you’ve got a lot of applicants, and need to skim the fat, so to speak, but I require honest communication from a potential employer, not form letters.If your organisation subscribes to the Counter Fraud Centre, you can access the alerts that have '(subs only)' in the document title.

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