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Sachs explained that Jessica Stroup "came in dressed for the part, artsy and quirky, and she had her hair up and she had a bandana.She nailed it." The producers were fans of Tristan Wilds for his acting on The Wire, and hoped to hire him as Dixon from the start of casting.

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Timmy has a look of excruciating pleasure on his face as Bennett wedges it in his throat.

Timmy starts playing with his hole, very keen on opening him up.

So initially I knew Timmy would be down to play with Bennett, but once Bennett describes “big-dicked twinks” as his type, I knew this would be a hot pairing. The kissing is incredibly hot, and they both are trying to please the other guy.

You catch at the beginning how awkward they start off, but once they realize they are both good kissers, it consumes a lot of the foreplay. Timmy sits back with his huge cock, while Bennet slowly works his shaft down his throat.

When asked about Michael Steger, who portrays Navid, Sachs said that "he's just great".

but was contracted on the drama Women's Murder Club.We did have to stop and clean it off before Bennett could bust his own nut. Even more ironic, Bennet said since had just cum for his solo and was dehydrated, he didn’t think he would cum much. So, just minutes before Bennett was saying he probably would not cum a lot, and would aim for his mouth this happens.Timmy was just so dumbfounded with total icing he just received he couldn�t help but find the humor in it.Of course, there is also preparations for a fuck scene, so I knew we need to stick with the oral.After fingering Bennett’s hole while getting blown, Timmy really wanted to eat his as out.Needless to say, both guys spent the rest of day with the “Red Eye of Shame” Anyway, this is a tremendously good oral video with two dudes who really are into each other.

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