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You will develop the hands-on skills to operate in a modern studio environment.

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Together, all of these skills will help you develop transferable career skills to aid your job search upon graduation.

Signal Flow and Processing This module is designed to help you build the theoretical knowledge necessary to operate in a modern studio environment.

Specializing in the arts of recording and mastering engineering he has gained a very broad skillset within the audio industry that led to positions such as senior lecturer at the SAE institute, chief engineer at Red Bull Studios and Head engineer at the new HAL5 Studio.

These skills are however not confined to the studio as Frank can often be found outside doing field recording and sound design for films, games or sound libraries.

This enables you to bring theory and practice together with your creativity in a variety of settings to advance your skills to a professional level, developing a competitive edge as you complete your studies.

Constant advances in commercial technology drive this area forward, creating a need for skilled producers who can understand these technical needs and be able to apply them for commercial gain.The part-time version of the course consists of 2 lessons per week, delivered in the daytime or evening dependent on the intake. Besides the classes, students complete a series of practical exercises and assignments as part of the course.Principles of Sound and Audio Practice You will be introduced to the concept of sound as a physical phenomenon and shown how to protect its behaviour by exploring maths and physics concepts, which will support your learning throughout the rest of the course.Besides his duties as freelance teacher at SAE, he also produces music and creates software.Erwin Palper is a music lover, electronics nerd, teacher and producer.No maximum limit is set as to how much hands-on time a student can book in our industry standard studios and practical workstations for their training.

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