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One mosque worker there told that a man had already been booked for Saturday to remove the nest but the bees attacked earlier than expected.Some worshipers used blankets to protect themselves from the swarm, but more than 20 were stung 'multiple times' and one 24-year-old man hospitalized, although everyone was said to be in stable condition.The remainder were unsuitable because he needed to find harmony with some other neighboring kingdom that would offer security and friendship.

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Dressed in the watered silks of Palermo, the supple leather of Ephesus and the glossy satins of Byzantium itself, she was a bride befitting an Emperor, a representative of Imperial power and arrogance.

Thirty years sat lightly on her shoulders together with her long flowing blonde hair.

It was there, in that field of marital combat that the king discovered that his new queen was a woman who knew not only of the ways of love to beguile him, she rode him like a knight rides a charger.

She drained him like a milkmaid squeezes the last drop from the goats and cows and soon she had him devoted under the spell of her stringent and inflexible love.

Arrived was a Prince of Byzantium representing the power of Rome resurgent in the East.

Accompanying him was his entourage of twenty knights and titled relations of the Emperor, senior officers of the famed Varangian Guard.

A mask of ivory, edged with ebony sits easily in her hand.

It is the mark of her devotion to the muse Melpomene.

They passed through the court and were greeted with grace and favor, but none of them was the woman that he sought.

Some were too old to bear children, some were too young to be attractive to a man in his thirties and a few were shrews that complained every portion of the time that they visited his court.

Experts warn that trying to swat away bees will only make them angrier, and that instead people should hide in enclosed spaces such as cars Joseph Mikesell with Truly Nolen Pest Control told Fox 10: 'It's always a bad situation when you're talking about Africanized bees, because once one bee creates a pheromone which sends off the other bees to attack.''What people just need to understand is they cannot outrun them, they're not going to sink under water and stay away from them, they're not going to just knock them off, they need to stay away from them.

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