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Having found her ways into Charlie’s arms originally, she also finds her way to those of Alan’s, and Alan’s former lawyer.

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Charlie was a man who fought for what he wanted, and he certainly did that when it came to winning over dance teacher Mia.

Claiming his nephew, Jake, enjoyed dancing, Mia eventually agreed to go on a date with Charlie, on the condition he gave up meat, smoking, and drinking.

She was known for neglecting her sons and getting involved with older men in hope to claim their assets when they passed away.

Charlie and Alan would do all they could to avoid being in the same room with Evelyn, but it made for TV gold when they did.

At first, Alan lies and claims the house is his in a way to impress his new friend.

After Beverly opens up about her past marriages, Alan admits the truth that the house is his brother’s, but this does not seem to bother her.Chelsea Melini was the first woman Charlie ever admitted he loved.Although claiming it was an accident at first, he doesn’t hide his true feelings for long and eventually expresses how he meant it.There was further animosity since Judith liked to spend her alimony money on plastic surgery and luxurious purchases.She also married for the second time to Jake’s doctor, Herb Melnick, but this also ended in divorce when it was discovered that Herb was unfaithful to Judith with his secretary.Just like Alan’s bad luck with love in the past, this proves to be no different after Kandi lands a part in the show, Marin played Alan’s ex-wife, Judith Harper-Melnick, and she certainly did not make life easy for Alan.

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