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to recover from that news, ANOTHER adorable pair has called it quits, too.British You Tubers Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth revealed the news that they had split in a lighthearted video posted over the weekend.

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Though they have ended their affair, they have decided to remain best friends.

Emma too referred Luke as her best friend via her Twitter.

Luke was born in Hertfordshire, but moved to Sheffield when he was fourteen.

Luke opened his first You Tube account 'Luke Cutforth" in 2006 in order to post a video of his friend singing 'Don't Stop Moving' in an effort to embarrass her.

In this regard, today we will be talking about the famous You Tube star Emma Blackery and her affair. Emma Balckery started dating Luke Cutforth in April 2013, but they only publicized their relationship in October 2014.

They were regarded as one of the adorable You Tube couples back then.Caption: Emma and her then-boyfriend Luke Life is not always full of joy and happiness. Likewise, the affair of Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth also had no happy ending.Well, they recently separated in 2016, and it doesn’t mean that they are not happy.Yes, even they admitted that they felt super weird filming, but wanted to assure people that they had moved past any drama." class="ngg-fancybox" rel="025416574cc22028f4c66bbd899699e9" data-image-id="40248" data-src=" data-thumbnail=" data-title="Kian Lawley & Andrea Russett" data-description="Breaking up is never easy, but when you do it in the public eye it's MUCH more difficult.The reason why we think their breakup is not only the most mature but the HEALTHIEST thing we've ever seen, is because they both determined how sour their relationship would turn if they stayed together and decided to take the best course of action and just remain best friends.

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