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It has a crazed criminal organisation, mad scientists with a dangerous device (in this instance, a weather-altering machine) and, of course, a suave secret agent - James Coburn's Derek Flint.

, Melissa Mc Carthy's CIA desk jockey is suddenly sent on a life-or-death mission across Europe, which takes in a bomb in a suitcase, casinos, explosions and fast cars.

Melissa's great value as an unlikely secret agent, and her scenes with Jason Statham, who happens to play the sweariest secret agent in film history, are a real high point.

Tasker isn't the most subtle of secret agents, but he's probably one of the most creative when it comes to moments of crisis.

Who else would think of riding a horse to the top of a skyscraper? The opening sequence tells you everything you need to know about Carano's unspeakably tough operative, Mallory Kane: despite receiving a full cup of steaming hot coffee to the face, she manages to batter Channing Tatum into a quivering huddle.

Some have trained for the life of a spy, but many of them have the world of espionage and imminent death thrust upon them.

Then again, the following list also proves, secret agents can come in many different forms.A decidedly modern kind of agent, Mallory works for a private contractor, who for reasons unknown appears to have turned against her.Notably lacking in zinging one-liners though she is, Mallory's a convincingly tough character in a story full of betrayal and would-be assassins. With their black suits and matching glasses, Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and reluctant partner J (Will Smith) bicker their way through the most obscure jobs on the planet: keeping an eye on the activities of extraterrestrials walking our planet, without alerting the general public to their presence.The film's lightweight stuff, but Chan's gleeful take on the genre is infectious - a scene where he's frantically trying to get his high-tech trousers on while simultaneously fighting an army of bad guys is a particular highlight., a send-up of the whole swinging '60s craze for spy movies.Played by a range of actors, from Jack Lord, Cec Linder, and Rik Van Nutter in the '60s to Jeffrey Wright in the 2000s, Felix Leiter is best known as James Bond's contact with the CIA and one of his closest allies.

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