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Located in a small town just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina USA. We started with different Champion Bloodline Puppies from all over. You hear that on just about every Basset Hound web site you come to. Each of our Basset Hounds were picked for different reasons.

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With some of the finest basset in the country, alot of hard work and even some luck the Rusbud Bloodline was born.

We are now in our third generatioin from those first pups.

Women in Argentina not only have comparable levels of education but actually enjoy a higher degree of school enrollment as regards to their male counterparts.

The fact that Argentinian women are well onto the path of empowerment is best exemplified by the current president of the nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who was elected in 2007; the runner-up to the powerful appointment was also a woman, Elisa Carrió.

We looked at the environment where they lived, the temperament of the parents and the general color and placement of their markings.

And not just the puppy, but also the litter that it came from.

Gorgeous looking Women in Argentina have their ethnic heritage to thank for their lovely looks.

The dark beauty of these women owes something to their Spanish blood but their confidence is all their own.

One of the biggest countries of South American, Argentina has long been associated with the best of Old World influence in art, architecture and culture as well the most dynamic of New World opportunities.

Indeed the women of Argentina to a great extent symbolize this unique fusion.

What’s more women here know how to take care of themselves and are quite conscious of contemporary fashion trends and styles.

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