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are part of your everyday language Lanier, Memorial, Edgewood, Brackenridge and Fox Tech bring a good feeling you know Rene and Rene you know Swingtime you like Big Red soda barbacoa and the works is always your Sunday breakfast a slight breeze sends you to the bakery you remember when KSAT ran as 12 Star Final you love Chris Marrou and the news is not the same without him you still refer to University Hospital System as The Robert B Green and Bexar County Hospital any city park bring happy holiday memories you refer to Sonny, Emilio, Ramiro like you know them you remember Bruce Hathaway and Henry Pena as celebrities you know Henry opened the door for Julian you remember the Kiddie Park at Roosevelt and Southcross you remember Centenos, Levis Strauss and Kallison’s you remember Lone Star Ice House you know the name of Harlandale High School band song (Horses) you miss Sonny Melendrez you know who Vikki Carr is and wonder why "Carr?" you refer to the Express New and The Light as one in the same you refer to Military Drive as Loop 13 you know Whataburger’s headquarters are now in San Antonio Maria Reyes you like Via Metropolitan Richard Escobedo when at the rodeo, they ask you to clap your hands if you are from Texas and you do it even though you’re from Florida!Valdespino your primary language is Tex-Mex your dress slacks are jeans Rolando Garza you have four NBA Championships Jay-Dee you remember the Monte Vista Missouri Pacific train station between Rosewood and Hollywood Avenues Carrie Perez you call the corner convenience store an "ice house." Barbara Yates your childhood highlights included watching the locally produced “Johnny Lane Show,” burgers at Mr.

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Charles Longanecker 9, 20, and 21 are your three favorite numbers Dan Scarborough you remember and/or played at Playland Park and viewed it like it was Disney World!

Rhonda Faith Lewinson you know that the bowl of pickles on the table at a restaurant isn’t pickles but jalapenos Alyce Robbins your idea of health food is a few cheese and bean breakfast tacos David Wright you know the best time to go to the Riverwalk is on Sunday morning, when everything is quiet and calm Antonio M.

are not a rehearsal for a Halloween costume party you take the DRT seriously David Garrett you remember enjoying a black cow, a purple martin or a baboon at Weber’s Drive in Root beer you attended televised wrestling at The Wrestlethon to watch Fritz Von Eric, Wahoo Mc Daniel, Thunderbolt Patterson and Mil Masqueres you rode the mini monorail and watched the amazing Los Voladores show at Hemis Fair.

visited fantasyland at Joske’s every Christmas Edward F.

you know the words to Marty Robbins "Ballad of The Alamo" song.

you turn your nose up at any Mexican food that is not from Mexico or San Antonio you visited the midget farm.you had at least one childhood birthday party at Kiddie Park.you watched Swingtime, our local version of American Bandstand, hosted by Don Hathaway you have a section in your closet devoted to Spurs t-shirts and memorabilia on Memorial Day you honor not only our fallen service men and women but also Sean Elliott for making that incredible 3 point shot you plan vacation time around Fiesta and Rodeo Edward F.” you think 95 degrees in the middle of summer is a chilly day you call the main library downtown the “Big Enchilada” you give directions with the terms “inside/outside the loop,” “North Side,” “South Side,” “Stone Oak,” and “downtown” the Spurs and the rodeo are related experiences and you love them both you don’t mind wearing flip-flops most of the year and have maybe one heavy jacket you still call Cesar Chavez Street Durango you have been to the Alamo more times than you can count but will jump at the chance to take a visitor you prepare for allergy season by stocking up on over-the-counter meds, cough drops, and tissues you are aware of how much water the Aquifer has and when it is close to hitting a higher stage level you have a family member in the military, retired, or planning to join your neighborhood often smells like BBQ on Sundays, especially during football season you have a favorite H-E-B even if it isn’t the one closest to you you make day trips to Austin and stop at the outlets in San Marcos on the way you read the Express News for local news and remember the San Antonio Light you have cruised Military and Commerce as a teenager you have braved the train tracks ghosts and used baby powered to prove the kids pushed your car to safety you have been to several birthday parties/BBQs at Brackenridge Park and might even have camped out for Easter Monica Garza Bustillo you find yourself eating the Rodeo’s grand champion steer, Rabbit, for dinner!Barbara you say "you’re going to ice house..." Frank E.Chávez.) you know what "First Friday" means you know more Spurs players than City Council members you consider Austin almost as far away as Canada David Archer you are able to attend a military parade every week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) at Lackland Air Force Base Major Seals your t-shirt says "Enchiladas - they’re not just for breakfast anymore" your car is held together with Spurs bumper stickers you run into Tommy Lee Jones, and you’re mad cause it wasn’t Eva Longoria Steven Rowden you’ve shopped at Ross and Steinmart, but still miss Solo Serve you’ve been to Fiesta Texas and Sea World, but still miss Playland Park you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game you can give directions to all the malls, but to none of the missions you’ve had a birthday party at Kiddie Park you’ve eaten menudo at Mi Tierra to cure a cruda (hangover) you consider a bean-and-cheese taco "comfort food" your grandfather, father and uncle all worked at Kelly you know all the words to the song, "Volver" you take vacation during Fiesta so you can go to NIOSA every night you have at least five plastic NIOSA cups in the cupboard you look forward to eating Maria’s tortillas at NIOSA every year Guillermo Esparza you don’t know what a yield sign means" Alfred Watson you have bought something from Bjorn at each of his four increasingly nice showrooms over the years.

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