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Story two she talks about her mom going out of town and letting her boyfriend and fuck her in the ass.

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I was a virgin when I met Samantha, but was determined to loss my virginity; the night I lost my virginity was one of the best nights of my life.

I held out from cumming for 30 minutes and I we fucked in 4 different positions.

Our sex life became less and less eventful leading to months between our "intercourse sections".

My wife began texting male "friends" and ex boyfriends and having steamy conversations.

We were infatuated with each other, fucking anytime, anywhere.

My wife told me she had only had sex with her ex-boyfriend but the truth was she had a very long sexual history all the way until we started dating. When she left for college I ran into an ex-boyfriend Phil.

I feel like you tell me all these half-truth about your past because you're afraid I will judge you, but I love you too much for that.

I love believing your naughty and want to know you really feel." She sat there for a minute and began to relax, "What do you want to know? This was exactly how a wife from a Literotica story would respond. "I want to know some of the things you did with your ex's. "I'm sorry, nothing is coming to mind." "It's ok, how about we have a few drink over it," I said getting up to mix us a few drinks.

The more stories she told me, the more I began to wonder why she never talked about Tim, whom she lost her virginity to.

We were having sex and I asked her what she thinks about when we're having sex.

These stories made me begin to think of all the hot scenarios Samantha and I could experience. One day Samantha asked me if I was happy with our love life. She asked if I had to imagine other women to get off. "Of course not," I assured her, "I only want you." With a puzzled look she asked, "Then would you want me to be with other people?

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