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Eventually, she got what she wanted, but it came at a dear cost to Jenny.Despite her flaws, Jenny Shepard did a great job as the director of NCIS.

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If she were not so focused on her personal matters, she might have enjoyed her life as director a little better.

But with Jenny, she would have a difficult time trying to forgive La Grenouille for what he did.

He shows courage and toughness at times, while at others he shows a defense mechanism. We know that Abby is a jolly goth, Ducky is a wise ME, Mc Gee is the elf lord, Di Nozzo is the goof-ball, and Gibbs is the fearless leader. He is very talented in the field of computer science, showing a well-rounded skill-set.

There is a moment when Vance is first introduced, and he shocks Mc Gee with his knowledge of computers.

Your best friend has just lost a loved one, how do you handle it? Like mentioned before, Jenny is close to a female version of Gibbs.

She would not cry, but she would be a strong shoulder to lean on. Jenny Shepard is not the most excited person you will meet, because she is always focused on business. She would have a nice, inspiring chat with her friend, and encourage her to keep climbing the ladder.

Jenny is probably the most similar to Gibbs out of all the characters that have been on NCIS.

This is due to their history together as partners in the field.

As the new director, she began to look at cases in a different light than an agent.

Jenny Shepard was the right woman to be the director, with her leadership, communication skills, and bravery.

Hey guys, I wrote an analysis for each character of NCIS. I will post each article in a new post, due to the length. When someone did something that Jenny didn’t like, she would let them know immediately.

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