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Platforms: Windows, mac OS, Linux, i OS, Android | MS Office Support: Create Office documents on-the-fly | Meeting Scheduling: Outlook and Google Calendar support | Record Meetings: N/A | Audio Support: Built-in or external microphone The core aim of Lyte Spark is to remove the complexity of hosting a videoconference.

Completely hosted, there is no need to download and install any specialist apps, or circulate dial-in numbers.

It offers a range of subscription tiers, which makes it a flexible service for businesses of all sizes, and it runs as a hosted Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provider, which means you need compatible phones - or use the provided mobile apps.

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"Telephones have been so improved that one person can speak in his natural voice with another in any part of the globe, the wire that enables him to hear also showing him the face of the speaker," wrote Astor in his history of the future. Public videophone booths were available by the 1970's, and in the early 1990's you could buy a video phone for around $1,000.

Then, apps and wider bandwidth came, and video calls and conferencing became more ubiquitous–as long as you had a decent internet connection and a capable device, that is.

As a meeting tool it offers the ability to use a digital whiteboard and also access standard Microsoft Office documents.

And if you need enterprise-level Share Point and Exchange support, this is readily available.

Sometimes, Face Time is clearer and cheaper than a "normal" phone call.

be an exercise in frustration, with delayed video, glitchy graphics, and batteries drained in minutes. As a fully remote team, Zapier relies on video conferencing to hold team meetings, share ideas, and check in on each other.

Ring Central may not be as recognisable a brand name as some of the other video conferencing services, but it comes with a range of features that put some of its more established competitors to shame.

Office compatibility, video conferencing and - most importantly - a reliable backbone of servers, means this is a video conferencing service you can depend on for your business.

You can try the system out with ten other people for free before opting for a premium service.

It’s also the ability to share documents (including Evernote) that makes this offering a very practical way into videoconferencing for smaller businesses in particular.

Simply give your ‘room’ a name and you are instantly ready to invite colleagues or clients into your conference.

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