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Infinity Chiang Mai Facebook :- https:// Take It Take It Nightclub at the bottom of the Lotus hotel behind the Kad Suan Kaow shopping center has changed it's name several times in the past 5 years.

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When it was Fabrique (formally) it was one of my favorite hotels in Chiang Mai.

Now that it's LUX I think it's too early to say the same but for the people in their 30's this is the spot to be.

I really like this place because it's swank, new, and a tonne of hot girls.

If only it were as popular as it once was, such is the nature of these clubs.

This place is called LUX for a reason and is marketed to the farang and Thai.

Because of the prices it attracts a more mature crowd.

Sometimes this place really pops but then others is boring as anything, really a hit or miss but worth checking out.

200 entry plus free mixers it used to be this weird gay nightclub but now it's just a cheap place to party with a huge stage area all the Farangs get onto to party.

Located at the base of the Duang Tawan Hotel is advantageous for those hanging out on Loi Kroh Road.

Safe House Facebook :- https:// Sound Up - Formally Mandalay Nightclub Manadalay recenntly changed their name to Sound Up, (god Thai's are really bad at naming businesses).

Safe House Nightclub The newest nightclub in Chiang Mai opened with a roar for the 2017 New Years celebrations and is welcome addition to the Chiang Mai Nightclub scene.

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