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Just five years ago she was the archetypical career girl about town.

But things took a drastic turn when she met her partner, Ben Anderson, in 2004, as she not only inherited his two sons from his previous marriage, but became pregnant a year later with Bay.

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As she puts it, 'five years ago, I was single and childless.

Now I'm a stepmother of two and parent of two, and we have four children in the house 50 per cent of the time.' With hindsight, she thinks that becoming a stepmother before having her own children smoothed the path to motherhood.

'But I think, funnily enough, the love Ben's boys have for their stepbrothers is such a remarkable thing that it just draws me even closer to them.

'Ben loves children and is a brilliant hands-on dad, so I feel very blessed. The more you put in to something, the more you get out it.

However, nude images are rare in conservative India – and rarer still in Muslim Pakistan, where clerics have denounced the picture.

Add in a bitter regional rivalry between two nuclear powers that have been to war three times and the result is an explosive mix.

One of the world's most powerful spy agencies, a Bollywood glamour puss and a missing pair of knickers – this month's cover of FHM India has all the risqué elements needed for maximum lads' mag impact.

But even before the December issue hits the news-stands the controversial front page has triggered a media frenzy, threats of legal action and a promise by Pakistan's government to investigate whether the offending image has been doctored.

Her lawyers say they have served a legal notice on FHM India demanding the December edition be withdrawn and m in damages.

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