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Both parties differ on the extent of their rendezvous, though Makosi's later announcement, straight down the camera, that she might be pregnant is one of the best ever housemates were a frisky lot.Without even mentioning Craig's "Did he, didn't he" alone-on-the-sofa moment, we're skating right on through to Kinga with a wine bottle in the garden (we know we've gone all house, something anyone who saw them in the shower would have assumed.But in amongst all the arguing, the pair found the time for some night-time duvet action and – perhaps more eyebrow-raisingly – lots of long, lingering soapy baths.

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We wish we could give you an official rule book, but from what we can gather, it mainly involved following a little toy van with your lips and kissing wherever it rested on your fellow housemate's body. duos to get somewhat closer under the duvet – and changing one letter in PJ's name will give you a pretty good idea what they may have been up to.

But it was the next morning, when PJ was awkwardly ignoring Jade and she was staring at him from behind the French doors that made us feel like crying.7.

In case you need another excuse to order a burger over a salad: Researchers found a total of 146 different kinds of pesticides among their samples.

And because pesticide residue doesn't just stick around on the surface of your fruits and veggies — it gets all up inside of them — even discarding the peel might not protect you.

That would all have been fine and dandy (not much different to things we'd seen before) if it wasn't for the post-coital chat.

We thought we'd heard it all when Ryan griped: "Hughie, you're evil, you've got it all over me." But there was more still to come, as he then ordered: "Smell my hand!

Way to ruin the mood, Jack.viewers thought they'd seen it all when it came to risqué behaviour on the show.

Then Marco Pierre White Jr arrived with a whole load of tattoos and a complete lack of filter.

In one of the more bizarre scenes, one of the stunning models even massages a Christmas turkey.

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