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The codes were generally only good for a year, but I thought this meant that the digital downloads themselves were time-bombed and would stop working after the date had passed.

When I realized my mistake, I redeemed all of the codes I could find that still worked. Disney codes routinely work after the expiration date, while I've found that Warner Bros movies consistently fail.

Also, there's no need for an Internet connection to access them. They take up a fair amount of space, so you must pick and choose.

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Then, in the evening, I'll frequently pipe a favorite flick to a small TV in our kitchen while I cook or clean dishes.

Then, after dinner and some light TV, most nights I'm ready to play.

Watching a movie, particularly one that you know well and quote often, can relax you and help get you ready to get your game on.

If you're like me, you also find it soothing to listen and half-watch a favorite flick while performing a repetitive work task.

The nice thing about i Tunes Digital Copy downloads is that there is, in fact, a feeling of permanence.

Once redeemed, you "own" the downloaded files and can easily transfer them to digital devices on demand (well, as long as they're i OS-based).Streaming movie and TV service VUDU has confirmed that it is currently in the development stages for an upcoming fourth-generation Apple TV app, although the official launch timeline is unclear at this point.A Redditor spotted the confirmation from a VUDU engineer named Jake, who posted on the company's forums in response to a user's inquiry about the long-requested debut of a VUDU app for Apple TV.Part of the challenge of being a busy gamer is finding the energy to interact with a game rather than simply kicking back with less engaging fare such as movies and TV.Games take a certain mindset that you may have a difficult time easing into after a busy, stressful day.Digital Misconceptions It required a lengthy adjustment for me to appreciate the value of keeping movies in the cloud.

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