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Now the text will be displayed in your chosen font! Now you can just use it like any other font and change settings such as size and letter spacing.

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The When you first launch the app, it should look like this picture: The app displays a table and then draws a plot beneath it, but both the table and plot depend on the value of the select box.

Until your user selects a data set, the app will display two red error messages. We want messages that: Validation tests do not remove the possibility of other types of errors.

Sometimes this is all you need, but many times you are buying a font because it comes with those extra special characters.

We have written a simple manual for you on how to access the extra characters in PUA Encoded Fonts which you can find in our PUA Encoded Fonts Manual.

Shiny will still display system error messages in the familiar bold red font (designed to catch the developer’s eye) when they happen.

For example, Shiny will display a red error message if the R expression in statements (or similar functions, as described above) separated by commas.Shiny will display the message of every condition that fails.This code contains three conditions that fail and one that passes: in a way that might frustrate your user.They look beautiful but a lot of people find it hard to access them.This is because there are different ways font designers build their fonts which unfortunately means that there are different ways to access these special characters.This article will show you how to craft “validation errors,” errors designed to lead your user through the UI of your Shiny app.

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