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The Carter administration left Washington convinced—and proclaiming—that defeat was brought on by malevolent incompetence at the U. Mission to the United Nations and the inability of the Secretary of State to control the Mission. On March 18 the two met in Illinois, the first industrial state to hold a primary. If Kennedy could be beaten a week later, in New York, his candidacy would collapse.

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Senator Kennedy carried the state and attracted new contributions to his campaign, which carried on through the last batch of primaries on June 3.“New York was our chance to knock Kennedy out of the box early,” said Mr. “We blew it with that vote.” reporters that in consequence, “We sure as hell spent a lot of time and money fighting him that would have been better spent against Reagan.”Now it will be clear that there are many reasons President Carter lost the election, of which the UN vote was only one and scarcely the most important. When the fall of a President is involved, and possibly also the fall of a party, some notice should be taken.

What is important, however, is that the administration had looked upon its United Nations record as a huge success. For I do not conceal my judgment that so long as the ideas underlying the Carter administration’s UN policy are dominant within the Democratic party, we Democrats will be out of power._____________ In normal circumstances UN affairs play a marginal role in United States foreign policy, the simple reason being that American foreign policy is normally preoccupied with the Soviet Union, and the UN, with its profusion of small, even mini, states, is the last setting in which two powers would wish to conduct their affairs.

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But four years ago, to the incoming Carter administration, the main attraction of the UN as a setting in which to conduct foreign policy was precisely the prominent role Third World nations play in UN affairs, and the North-South axis of the place.

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