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R25, it certainly doesn't have "the world of rape", "Ron the Creep" and "Diana the Dominant" in it.

You should create a new thread about male rape since you adore the subject.

They should replace director Meytin something with Anne Forester. Caitriona's facial expression was terribly bad acting. I saw a clip of Money Monster and she was just okay. R71 She's very much into promoting and helping women which is admirable, but I guess not when it gets in the way of a job. All these actresses want to portray strong characters which is fine, but I think in a lot of instances they are projecting and believing they are those characters which is laughable in most cases. Looks like Sam thinks that liking this kind of tweets about Caitriona, makes him look straight in front of his dumb fangirls. Heughan is too good looking to not be shown naked as much as possible.

He very well could shoot something small in June, but it doesn't seem likely. I keep watching Outlander and hoping Jamie will be shirtless/naked/full frontal (as promised in an article during promo month) and there's nothing. I think all those sex scenes had a lot to do with Outlander's popularity.

R48 he was annoying on SM for some time, but he's a lot better now. He keeps retweeting his own pictures and he looks like a greek god, so no complaints from me. They stopped showing Scotland and nudity and that can't end well[quote]I think all those sex scenes had a lot to do with Outlander's popularity.

Only a closeted gay co-star would answer this kind of tweets.45 here. It makes no sense, because what else could it be but homophobia, pure and simple? I'm guessing he bought a house in Glasgow.[quote]He's also impossibly good looking, and looks 25 at 39.

Sorry, I just started posting and don't know how to make the brackets appear. Although I like him less than I did since he seems full of himself on social media. Heughan said he auditioned constantly in Hollywood, SEVEN times for Game of Thrones, alone. He's got the acting chops, he's got the star power, he's a total chameleon and he's hot as hell. His major audience is horny middle-aged women but I can't imagine him playing believable straight character in modern times. It's a tribute to DL's limited cultural influence that a gay man could write that with a straight face.

Seems like everyone who dares to disagree with you is nasty troll.

Life must be hard.[quote]Please stop arguing about rape & Rapelander.

If you want to discuss about the rape, here's this other DL thread. Heughan wants to look straight but he is starting to look desperate, liking all those tweets about how 'hot and stunning' Caitriona Balfe is. He's also impossibly good looking, and looks 25 at 39.

She is currently in Cannes with her actual boyfriend Anthony Mc Gill. Although he dutifully does what his image consultants tell him to do, and he can walk the red carpet with the best of them, I think he's really that humble guy BBQing on the sidewalk with his fitness pals.

I could only bear four minutes of the show, I don't understand the fuss for it on here.[quote]Maybe they could replace Gabaldon with someone who can actually write. Too bad we can't go back in time and have someone else write the books. For someone who's such an eligible bachelor, the fact that he's pushing 40 and can't sustain a relationship with a woman should raise eyebrows.

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