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Cameron had a feeling Ben knew exactly what Cameron wanted, that he could peer into his head with one of his many magical pendants and rings. If Ben knew what he was thinking, he had nothing to hide now. “I’d like to be larger, more muscular.” He said it quickly, giving voice to thoughts he had never uttered aloud. The people around you will not be surprised by the sudden change, however, but will believe you’ve been working out for a while.” Cameron looked at the bottle. It sounded like taking them once a day wouldn’t be so bad. I’m so confident you’ll like them, I’ll even give you four of them for free, right now, as a sort of trial run.” Ben opened the top of the bottle and shook out four small orange pills into his hand. If the pills really did what the old man said, he could take one before he asked Beth out, and then three on the actual date.

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Images from today’s encounter with Beth were in his mind as he walked home from school. “Magick Within Reach,” read the stenciled letters on the window. ” At first, Cameron didn’t think that the paper sign went with the magic store. But what could a store with a name like that offer?

The cool April air nipped at him with little bites. His dad had signed him up for a local gym at the beginning of the school year, but he just couldn’t stand spending an hour every other day in a stinky place lifting things up and down. Cameron was so lost in his own misery he didn’t even see where he was going. Below the words was an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of bright green paper with words hastily written in sharpie reading, “Want to get ready for summer but don’t have time for the gym? After all, a store named “Magick Within Reach” was probably a hangout for LARPers and 12 year-olds wanting boxes of tricks, and weight-loss products were usually found in GNC nutrition centers. A sudden gust of wind sliced at him, and without thinking Cameron stepped in the door. Taking one last look at the steady rain outside, Cameron turned back around, and climbed up the stairs.

Recently, Cameron had been after Beth Silva, trying to arrange a time when they could see a play together.

But for one reason or another, Beth would always be busy, or have something else planned.

As a child this had only been an inconvenience, but now, in his third year of high school, he was still scrawny and it was screwing up his love life. Maybe there were girls who would have gone out with him, but he couldn’t stay in his own league. Her eyes got big with surprise and politely explained that she was already going out with Randall Scott. And he’d tried to see a movie with Jessica Redstone, the lacrosse babe, and she said yes, but he could tell she was just being nice.

She gave him a total friend-zone peck on the cheek after the movie and that had been that.

Cameron had always been a little small for his age.

He was no dwarf, but any of his father’s dreams of raising a star quarterback were futile.

Some shelves were stuffed with heavy leather-bound books.

Others were packed with variously sized unlabeled bottles filled with strange liquids.

We couldn’t do such good repeat business if we didn’t. I think I have just the thing.” He shuffled off, the sound of jingling getting softer. “I think you’ll find that this will have the effect you’re looking for,” said Ben, and he held up an orange prescription bottle full of blue pills. Now I could have given you this spell in the form of a potion, but I don’t think a musty bottle of liquid would blend in well with the belongings of a young man such as yourself, mm? You won’t just gain weight, you’ll add muscle and height in proportion. You’ll grow twice as fast, but the part of the spell keeping others believing the growth is normal won’t keep up. “Oh cheer up, you young people always think you’re uglier than you are.

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