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This research guide provides advice on finding records of the Crown Court and magistrates’ courts.Crown and magistrates’ courts replaced the assize and quarter sessions courts in 1971.

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Some indictments are closed for extended periods, for example, indictments that identify minors, and are therefore not accessible.

A case number is recorded on each indictment and will take the same format as in this example: ‘721717’.

These new courts took responsibility for the quarter sessions work as well as criminal assize work for south Lancashire.

The assizes work for the west Derby area was assigned to Liverpool and the assizes work of Salford was assigned to Manchester.

Files have also been selected to represent the wide variety of cases heard by the Crown courts.

For many of the Crown courts, The National Archives holds only samples of surviving case files.

Liverpool and Manchester Crown courts are anomalies.

They were established in 1956 following recommendations that they would combat a rise in crime in these areas.

Court stenographers recorded the proceedings in short hand known as computer aided transcription notes.

These were filed separately from the case file and not kept permanently.

If the case went to appeal, the indictment will record the outcome.

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