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an electrically charged particle IOS plural of IO n.

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to push a barge through a tunnel using the legs (n.

a former monetary unit of Lithuania (also LITAS) LOB v.

having certain atoms on the same side of the molecule CIT n.

a kind of Indian edible pea (also DAHL, DHAL, DHOLL, DAAL) DAM v. a level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports DAP v.

awry, twisted, distorted KAS present tense of KA v.

a wine and blackcurrant drink KIS plural of KI, spirit KIT v.

a type of violin used in Shetland (Also GU, GUE) GNU n.

an unrefined, sweet cane sugar (also GOOR) GUS plural of GU n.

a cross between a yak and a cow (also ZHO, ZO, DZHO, DZO) DZO n.

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