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The Italian star closed his eyes and appeared to kiss her cheek as they caught up.

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Viewers prayed he would defy historical reality and act on his chemistry with the Queen and accept her marriage proposal.

However, he saw fit to back off from his role as personal adviser once she started to fall for Prince Albert, and he was conspicuously absent from later episodes.

She added: 'The truth is we really like each other but it isn't a love affair. , which saw her remove her wedding ring, the widow of beloved magician Paul Daniels gushed: 'There’s a magic that is happening.

We love each other, but we are not in love with each other. The other dancers take the mickey out of us'Meanwhile, she said in an interview with Bella magazine: 'I absolutely adore him and I have no doubt that he adores me.

Albert's reaction is to look disappointed and suggest it might be a good idea to sleep alone that night, outside of the marital chamber. They were the Antony and Cleopatra of the 19th century — a ruler and her consort whose love was a rollercoaster of passion and drama — so we can expect a lot of emotional fireworks in the second series, which starts on Sunday.

Jenna, 31, enjoyed the passionate rows the royal couple have.'It is fun!At the start of series two (which covers 1841-1847), the royal couple are struggling to define their power balance.'Victoria has been in confinement,' explains Jenna.The Strictly favourite - who is the widow of magician Paul Daniels - looked relaxed as she wrapped her arms around the Italian, flashing her wedding ring-free hand.The petite beauty looked stylish during her appearance as she donned a pink loose-fitting jumper and a pair of eye-catching patterned trousers.They were a perfect example of opposites attracting.'You've got two completely opposite people who function differently,' says Jenna.

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