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It’s fairly common for young children to be bitten by their own pet.

Without meaning to, your child may encourage your dog to chase and play-bite them.

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If you send a large volume of email, you may want to purchase dedicated IP addresses in order to more carefully develop your sender reputation.

Dedicated IP addresses are available for $24.95 per address per month.

You will be billed for your dedicated IP addresses, as well as any other Amazon SES charges you incur, at the end of every month.

If you start using a dedicated IP address in the middle of the month, we will adjust the price on a pro-rated basis.

With Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), you pay only for what you use, and there is no minimum charge.

The following table provides information about the charges associated with sending and receiving email through Amazon SES.

If you relinquish a dedicated IP address, your charges will stop on the date of cancellation.

Amazon SES works seamlessly with other AWS services.

Cats don't usually get jealous, but they are attracted to the warmth of a baby’s cot.

Use a cat net on the pram or pushchair when it is downstairs or in the garden.

If you call Amazon SES from an Amazon EC2 instance or through Elastic Beanstalk, you can send up to 62,000 email messages per month at no charge.

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