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Indeed, 15 percent of 20-to-24-year-olds today report having had no sexual partner since they turned 18.

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The truth is, I too would sometimes prefer a fine meal over sex, and I don’t see why we have to rank one activity as inherently healthier than the other.

They can peacefully coexist, and just as some people are foodies who live to eat, others eat because they need to to survive; we should accept that those two types of appetites also have sexual corollaries.

The Washington Post, in a separate article, quoted a 26-year-old financial analyst named Sam Wei, who hasn’t had sex in 18 months—by choice.

She could if she wanted to, but she’d generally rather bond in other ways, like kissing and cuddling.

Here’s a generation swearing off a life-affirming and life-creating act in record numbers, simply because they don’t know what to do with it.”While I agree with her that millennials may be eschewing sex because they are afraid of its consequences, I still can’t get behind what feels like a paternalistic and belittling way of judging their choices If we want to value sexual freedom and autonomy, we have to do so for those who prefer nightly orgies as well as those who’d rather hold off on sex, whether for a given period of time, indefinitely or even permanently.

I’m far more offended by the fact that Norman Spack, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, felt free to insert his own subjective sexual cheerleading by telling the Washington Post, “Everyone’s missing out on a good time,” than by whatever the statistic du jour is about millennials getting it on.

Many worry about the emergence of a generation that fears the physical and emotional risks of sexual entanglements.

Could we be headed for the world once described by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, where people have become so accustomed to interacting with other humans only over their devices that robots must arrange reproduction to avoid extinction?

Even if I didn’t, it’s in no way my place to decide for her what forms of closeness to her fellow humans she A younger millennial, 18-year-old Noah Patterson, has never had sex because he’d rather “be watching You Tube videos and making money.” He said he’s not curious about the act because, “I’ve seen so much of it. Why can’t he be entitled to entertainment and business over sex?

I was tempted to add “for now,” but that’s just buying into the idea that sex will eventually lead everyone down their personal yellow brick road to a happy life.

Some experts posit that porn and virtual sex are replacing the intimacy of actual sex.

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