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You can also benefit from extra support from our Employee Assistance Programme.

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Bonus Schemes Cygnet believes employees should share in the company’s success.

We provide a bonus scheme for all employees at different levels.

As well as statutory maternity pay and benefits, Cygnet provides the equivalent of 12 weeks at full pay.

We provide Paternity Pay, at statutory levels, for the supporting parent.

The size of the bonus depends on how well the unit has met its targets for the year and, in some cases, whether personal objectives have been achieved.

Childcare Vouchers This scheme allows employees to save tax and National Insurance payments on their child’s nursery fees.

Pay and reward At Cygnet we strive to ensure our pay is competitive in the marketplace.

Also, we believe that our staff should be rewarded for performance and contribution as well as qualifications and experience.

Additional Voluntary Contributions are possible and members have a wide choice of funds from which to choose, with varying risk profiles and management charges.

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