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Drug addiction, the discovery that he was HIV positive, and his desire to pursue a degree in computer science led to Henson's departure from adult videos in 1991, though he made intermittent returns over the next five years, most notably in "Score 10" and "Powertool 2," the latter with Lex Baldwin.In 1994 he graduated from the UCLA School of Computer Sciences, and later helped set up computer operations for David Forest's business enterprises.

He passed away years ago and was HIV positive, I later learned.

Giorgio Canali because he was the first man I saw in porn who deep-kissed men in a way that made me see the possibility of making love with other guys in addition to just hot, horny sex. I thought he was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen and I wanted to suck on his cock SO BADLY. He looks nothing like the guys I'm into now 25 years later, but looking at pictures of him from them still get me instantly hard. There were so many that made an impression on me Chris Allen with his beautiful blond hair and uncut cock was one but R68 brought it all back. It was the first porn I'd ever seen that wasn't a still photo. This was in the earlier years of the internet, around 1996 or so, when AOL chatrooms were booming.

They were a couple, which in my fantasy it meant they came in a pair. :(I present Mauricio & Vinnie from Circle Jerk Boys. I would have had them DP me in my fantasy session."Sigh" @ my jerk sessions in my dorm.

Haahaa My first porn film was 'Cousins' with Matt Ramsay.

Drug problems continued to plague him, and a comeback attempt in 1998 failed when fans reacted negatively to the toll drug use had taken on Henson's once youthful good looks, though his body remained in remarkably good shape.

He eventually settled in Pennsylvania with a former army buddy (Dennis Sandman, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design) who was also his longtime lover.He'll never be Peter North to me, and he can deny his gay-for-pay past all he likes, but I've got the video where he's fucked by a 12" dick over a desk.Porn stars are meat who make their living getting us to cum.I still haven't seen any of his videos, though one magazine had screen shots of "Idol Country".When I first started to watch gay porn about 5-6 years ago the first one to leave an impression on me was probably Chris Rockway.I can't remember the first porn star I was crazy about. Shortly after I came out I dragged my friend (hi John!

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