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In case you don't have personnel on a remote site and you experience this situation with rack mounted server, or if blade sever does not reacts to the attempt reboot the DRAC from the enclosure "frozen" DRAC is a real SNAFU.

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That means the for the remote rack servers instead of providing remote administration services DRAC became a nuisance. Again this problem exists in the most ugly form only for remote rack servers, as for blades there is a way to reset the DRAC within CMC console.

In a month or two DRAC spontaneously became irresponsive and after that you can't connect neither via Web interface, not via ssh. Looks like either network layer or the whole imbedded computer OS crashed.

So it you have a lot of identical or similar Dell servers (for example Dell enclosure with 165 blades) it has additional value as automation tool for routine operations In case you don't have personnel on a remote site this is a disaster and big SNAFU for DELL.

In the rat race for additional functionality they forgot the primary purpose of the DRAC -- to be reliable KVM -- and the main criteria of its usefulness -- reliability.

But, in a way, DRAC went one step further that HP is this "spontaneous hanging" problem: it hangs just after certain amount time of being up. Brilliant automation of locking sysadmin out of the remote server !

DRAC with firmware version up to and including 1.56.55 looks like a beta product which DELL does not have money and resources and decided to ship "as is" for debugging by the users.

IPMITool is separate non-Dell software, and it looks like Dell does not provide support for it for i DRAC7 Enterprise.

IPMI is also used extensively in the BMC, which is a remote management tool with significantly reduced functionality compared to i DRAC 7 enterprise.

Another bug that might be corrected in later versions of DRAC firmware is that timeout for console is not affected by setting of timeout for WEB interface (the same problem that was observed in HP ILO 3).

So long period of work with GUI console (installation of the OS is a typical example) reliably locks DRAC.

Please be patient, and do not attempt disconnecting and reconnecting the server before, say, five minute period.

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