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spoke to Derek Hay - the founder of LA Direct Models which represents many of the top adult performers - via Skype from his offices in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The two most searched terms in porn are teen and milf.

There are fashions and trends in porn just like in everything else, like music and clothing ...

As standard, a female performer in a scene with an male performer could expect to earn around $1,000 (£800), a scene with another woman would see them earn around $700-800 (£550).

The rates could go up or down by 10 to 20 per cent depending on who the performer is, their agent and other factors.

Obviously that has damaged the studios who produce scenes and movies and some of them have gone out of business and many of them shoot less than they otherwise would, because they cannot maintain their sales that they formerly could before people were stealing their content.” In an industry which is very much judged on appearance, one could presume that the average career length of a female performer might be more short-lived than most.

However, Hay says due to the rising popularity of porn featuring older women, many adult actresses can now expect to work until their mid to late thirties.

it is an open market, the same as anything else." However, in a 2013 article for theentitled 'Interracial Sex Still Taboo for Many Porn Stars", former adult actress Aurora Snow wrote: "On-camera race relations are a complicated topic—particularly the way they have been translated in porn’s fantasyland." There have been suggestions that pay rates for performers have dropped in recent years, however Hay says this is not necessarily the case and that instead they have just stagnated.

"For some special acts [rates] have actually gone higher, but rates in general have not risen in last five years or so.

Any of those old antiquated ideas that girls come into business because they are from downtrodden or abused childhoods, there is no truth to it whatsoever nowadays." "I am really interested in taking on a model with a long term goal, I’m not really interested in taking on a girl who has a loan to pay off or doesn’t really know if she wants to do this or not but maybe wants to for a few months to earn some money.

Depending on the girl, I may or may not take her but it is far less interesting to me." And when they successfully land a casting agent and representative, how do adult actors and actresses land films?

However, for some scenes this pay cheque can increase significantly, more so if it involves a sexual act the performer has not done before as the studio will raise their pay in order to incentivise the actress.

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