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Also incorporated into the design of the tie is means of preventing water transfer from the outer to the inner leaves. In wire ties this can be corrugations formed in the wire or again a twist.

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Due to the need for thicker insulation in exterior walls these days, a range of longer ties are now available so than cavities of up to 6"(150mm) can be constructed.

Ties in a Cavity Wall are typically made of iron, steel, or plastic; though figures are various.

On high quality work ties were occasionally made of bronze.

In the mid-twentieth century wire ties were widely used, again made from galvanized steel wire.

The easiest way to differentiate between tuxedos and ordinary suits is the presence of satin: generally there will be some satin on the jacket and a satin stripe on the trousers.

Tuxedos tend to have shawl or peak lapels, and not notch lapels which are used for business suits.Any cracks appearing in cavity walls dating from the twentieth century need to be investigated before irremediable damage ensues. Failed ties have to be isolated and substitute specialist ties installed by drilling through inner and outer leaves from outside the building.The replacement ties may be fixed mechanically or with special adhesives.As time has passed many galvanized steel ties have deteriorated due to moisture in the outer leaf of brickwork.The corrosion may force apart the cement joints and even result in the collapse of walls if no remedial action is taken.This is often incorporated into the cavity wall insulation system.

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