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Those who are responsible for sparking off this largest ethno-racial replacement and those who keep it alive and kicking are German and Brussels politicians.

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Undoubtedly, migratory flows pouring into Europe have had by now a huge psychological impact on all Europeans professing identitarian ideas or those claiming adherence to various European nationalisms.

What strikes one, however, is that the ongoing large ethno-racial replacement — if one were to use more specific words — goes virtually unreported in the Croatian media.

In case of a serious Russian-American crisis, one cannot rule out that NATO will play the card of Croatia, and these other predominantly Catholic counties. Croats seem to forget that America’s interests are subject to geopolitical circumstances.

Until 1992, and contrary to what some renowned French authors say, America had been an advocate of “unity and integrity of Yugoslavia.” It was only later that it radically changed its course.

By focusing solely on the real or alleged Serbian threat, Croatia’s political parties, including many followers and supporters of the former Communist leader Marshal Tito, thus allocate themselves a convenient niche in order to hide their bloody legacy.

The accession of Croatia to NATO in 2009 and then to the European Union in 2013 further complicates Croatian identity.

Their recent war of secession, awkwardly called the “Patriotic War” and “War of Defense,” lends itself to serious legal misconceptions.

The more accurate phrase, namely “War of Croatia’s Liberation from Communism and against Yugoslavia” has never been used.

Having been subjected after World War II to an exemplary re-education, it should not come as a surprise that Chancellor Merkel and her entourage must resort to excessive humanitarian and multiculturalist discourse and actions.

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