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Yukiro and I arranged our India trip with Janu Private Tours.

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What better place than Varanasi to wear my pink Lord Ganesh raincoat by Print All Over Me?

(You can print a rain jacket with any type of design, or choose one from the site as I did.) While you’ll certainly experience culture-shock, India is a safe country.

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Wenst u informatie die u niet op deze website aangetroffen hebt, heeft u op- of aanmerkingen: schroom dan niet contact met ons op te nemen.

Life revolves around the River Ganges: every day, you can see dozens of men bathing in the holy waters.

The Hindu cremation ritual also takes place on the steps of the Ganges.It would have been very stressful if we had tried to come here and get around on our own.Janu can arrange tours anywhere in India, and he linked us with Kunal Rakshit of Experience Varanasi for this final portion of the journey (since we had to fly one hour from Delhi).As any Goth can tell you, there’s beauty to be found in death and decay.Traveling in India, Yukiro and I came face-to-face with these aspects every day– especially in Varanasi, on the River Ganges.(Although the government did establish the freedom of sexual orientation and the third gender, as I discussed in the Jaipur post.) What’s the deal with the cattle everywhere?

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