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Any money saved upfront in poor packing can cost you several times over later in damages. We provide affordable packing services at most locations. Our customs escorts handle all clearance formalities. You can avail duty concessions with the ‘Transfer of Residence’ (TR) allowance.

You must satisfy the below requirements to be eligible for TR:(1) You must have a minimum stay of 2 years abroad, preceding the date of your arrival on TR.(2) Your total stay in India on short visits during the 2 preceding years must not exceed 6 months.(3) You must not have not availed TR in the preceding 3 years.(4) You must hold an Indian Passport or Foreign passport with OCI status.1. If you have children, address their concerns with the big move. The psychological & emotional aspects will depend on their age. The cost of living has gone up considerably in India.

Prior to loading, an elaborate preparation process is done for the safety of your cargo.

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FCL shipping to India from USA is ideal if you need to ship most everything in your home.

With FCL you get an exclusive ocean container to ship your personal effects. The most common container types are 20’, 40’ and 40’ Hi Cube.

Shipping to India from USA involves handling of your cargo several times.

It entails handling during pack, load, transport, customs and delivery.

We are licensed & bonded by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). We have direct contracts with steamship lines for shipping to India.

This allows us to provide great rates to our customers.Reduce the stress of shipping to India by planning 3 – 6 months ahead. Then shortlist good schools for your kids and secure your job. Click here for tips on moving to India with children.3. Quality furniture and TVs are more expensive in India. Buy a step down transformer with the right voltage for your US TV.You may be better off shipping your items in most cases. Sea shipping is among the slowest modes of transport. Be prepared for unforeseen delays due to weather, port congestion, etc. Most NTSC TVs work in India with a NTSC to Pal converter.The container is loaded & secured with a tamper-proof bolt seal. The container goes straight to the port from your home. You can then track your container all the way up to its final destination in India. You can ship boxes, TVs and furniture to India as LCL.We are the largest consolidators for shipping to India from USA.We have weekly sailings to India from all major ports in the USA.

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