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The men are today’s Masters of the Universe — the term coined by author Tom Wolfe in Bonfire Of The Vanities, to describe the alpha-male New York bond traders of the Eighties.

The women are the ‘social X-rays’ he chronicled, who exist on rocket and parmesan salad and employ a host of personal trainers, stylists and servants in order to hang on to their men in theface of cut-throat female competition.

"They take the high-powered decisions on how the money is spent."Spending £500,000 a year on top of housing costs is the norm in this arena.

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Another Filipina ran after him, carrying hismonogrammed grey school cap and sports kit.

Back at home, his mother picked up thetelephone to call her project manager, toenquire waspishly on the progress of the family’splans for a basement swimming pool, paid forwith her banker husband’s latest £1m bonus."That’s what these women are like," says Rachel Johnson, author of the novel Notting Hell,which charts the lives of bankers’ wives."They literally don’t think they have help withthe children unless it’s a Norland nanny.

They are growing in number: a record 4,200 City high-fliers will collect bonuses worth more than £1 million each in the next few weeks, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research— 40 per cent more than last year.

As a result of markets trading at a five-year high, an increase in mergers and acquisitions and competition for senior staff, an astonishing £8.8billion will be paid out in total.

It is without question the business to be in right now.

This new class of super-rich has become the talk of the town."Queen Bee in this circle is the blonde Gabrielle Sacconaghi, a chic European who is girlfriend to Louis Bacon of Moore Capital, described as one of the world’s top-ten hedge fund managers.They all drive'Chelsea tractors' — but many have chauffeurs in their pay, too."Big families are status symbols for the City WAGs, because they are another excuse for stratospheric spending.Rachel Johnson says: "In this world, having four children shows you have the wealth to maintain a large household with the requisite staff, chill-out spaces, slate-floored larders and walk-in wardrobes."Of course, there’s also the Porsche Cayenne, the family skiing holidays in Gstaad and the second home in the Cotswolds.Major players in the City are taking home as much as £75m a year, according to society magazine Tatler.Glued to screens watching the Nikkei index rise and fall, or monitoring the markets via their Black-Berry, they have no time to spend their vast fortunes, however, which is where their wives come in."The City WAGs are the chief executives on the home-front," says Beresford.As the immaculately coiffeured woman spoke, tears of self-pity welled up in her beautiful eyes."I’ve no childcare at all," she confided to her friend.

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