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Any difficult jump can be solved by Bullet (Ford GT-like car) with 10x NOS (It is light, fast, and gain top speed fast enough); and if the line to the launch pad is too narrow (like the one near Katie house) use NRG-500 or FCR-900 is OK.

If you REALLY want to see the island, just search with the key word 'GTA San Andreas Alcatraz MOD' 2.

Black Hell 1, Black Hell 2 v Blue Hell: Confirmed They are just different names of the famous 'Underworld glitch'. Leatherface: Plausible Haven't try this yet (maybe an error of the image of CJ or just a mod)But the wheel chair is REAL.. Grant Bridge: Confirmed Find a jetpack and see yourself. The Underworld: Confirmed Noted: there's many ways to enter the Underworld 9.

To regain control of the streets and protect his family, he will have to go through a series of situations that include gang wars, dealing with deadly weapons, robberies to get money, and driving all kinds of vehicles.

During the game you can activate different tricks that will help you complete the missions or make them much more fun.

If you dont have enough time to find all, simply save the game until it is dark, but whats Cheat Book for?

Enter the Tonight at nine code OFVIAC or always midnight XJVSNAJ (may be this is the real mening of these cheats), so youll have all-night-long to do it.Go to the desert to the bottom of the big parabola radar. Motorbike with no engine: Confirmed It's just a BUG. Bad cop: Confirmed In Los Santos, At the police Underground Garage, equip police suit (dating Barbara), enter the garage and you'll see 2 cops rampage a gang/a girl 7. GTA San Andreas X-Files: ------------------------ Submitted by: Omega This is a short info about easter eggs and secrets in the game 1. I can't give you any way to complete "spraying tags, collecting horseshoes, or do the unique jumps, without using third-party maps but I can give you some hints to do collecting oysters and taking snapshots.take the night vision, equip and you'll see a flash dot moving very fast. Vice City map in the basket: Confirmed My friend confirmed it for me. Walk/Drive underwater: Confirmed In Red County find the river there's a ledge near a red bridge, if you jump into the water and swim to the ledge, you will drop into a no water zone. Dead body bags in the desert: Confirmed You can find it next to the abandoned air strip (and there is also a BOBCAT here) 2. First about collecting oysters, you have to find it throughout the game world, but they are always located underwater. Cant tell which bridge has oyster, which does not but it wont cost too much time to steer around the game world if using ship (best is the Vortex hovercraft-cheatcode KGGGDKP). PROFESSIONALSKIT: Weapon set 2, professional tools. FULLCLIP: Infinite ammunition, you do not need to reload weapons. She gives you the keycard which is required in one of the missions. PLAY POOL IN SAN ANDRIAS WITHOUT CHEATS/MODS: --------------------------------------------- Submitted by: -[echo9]- Go to lil' probe inn; its a small area near the restricted area in the middle of the map (of san andrias)map to locate this area.

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