Hearing aids and dating

All you need are :- So anything could happen and both parties can achieve/experience the world at its fullest together.

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When we need communication support, we hire either an interpreter, lipspeaker or speech to text reporter. For you, family and friends may pose the biggest obstacle but they may have not been exposed to anyone who is deaf before.

This doesn’t mean that they would not be open to accepting your boyfriend/girlfriend who makes you very happy.

It made me think if the non-disabled have ideas of all the myths that prevents them from dating us, hence the blog on busting the myths! (Apologies for the rude content a bit further down…) MYTH 1 WOAH!

I have sat through many of my dates and can count on one hand when it has been awkward.

I have spent enough time on dating and have met men from all backgrounds. I have many single deaf friends who would love to find someone special but some of them have been overlooked because they are deaf.

Some of my dates have gone into the abyss of my memories, some were horrifying!

Some of us rely on lipreading, use speech or rely on British Sign Language (BSL).

Our disability is an invisible disability until our issues becomes visible during communication (not always the case for everyone).

If we exclude a certain group from our dating pool, we are limiting ourselves and reducing our chances of finding our “soulmate” or “special half”.

Once you’ve understood fully the 5 myths, I can guarantee that your mind will be broadened to new types of dating experiences.

You’ll never know who will be your true love and it would be lamentable to let deafness get in the way even though it isn’t an issue for the deaf person.

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