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I gave it a fighting effort and I just couldn’t do it.” Under “Occupation”: “Actor — currently appearing on Gossip Girl.”It’s a tidy encapsulation of the foundation of Hammer’s image as “rich asshole” — and he’s spent the last decade both leaning into his pedigree while also straining to separate himself from it.

Early in his career he was cast, repeatedly, as a version of this rich asshole: first in a three-episode arc of Gossip Girl, in which he cheats on his girlfriend with Serena (Blake Lively), then cheats on Serena with his girlfriend; then, most famously and definitively, as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

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Back in 2007, 19-year-old Armie Hammer was readying himself to become a movie star.

No matter that his roles, at that point, were limited to quick one-episode stints on Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives, and a part as “Lead Prefect” in an adaptation of My Friend Flicka.

But not Hammer, whose career has evaded certain doom for nearly a decade. This year, they are spinning out a publicity campaign around his role in the likely Oscar contender Call Me by Your Name that attempts to retroactively reinterpret his choices, his failures, and his career.

He’s gone on to star in failed Westerns, spy remakes, fantasies, and historical epics. According to this logic, it’s not that Hammer’s a bad movie star.

He’s a humble, hardworking actor, a friend who’d jump in front of a bus for you.” Or, as Lily Collins, his costar in Mirror Mirror, explained to Entertainment Weekly, “You’d never know he came from such a prestigious family. It’s really important to him that his last name isn’t the thing that got him where he is.”Hammer had spent time in the bit-part trenches before getting cast as Batman and the Winklevoss twins.

But the privilege that afforded him a path to stardom is neatly papered over with tales of a Hammer, back from the Caymans, out of touch and dicking around.“When Hammer-as-Winklevoss rips into a burger, it’s as if to say, This is how an asshole eats meat.” There had been other roles before Gossip Girl (Hammer played Reverend Billy Graham in Billy: The Early Years) but those didn’t show up in the Vanity Fair spread or the dozens of profiles and interviews that popped up in the wake of his scene-stealing turn in The Social Network.Instead, interviewers revelled in the posh details of his youth: He was born Armand, after his 90-year-grandfather; he drove around in a “pedal car” at his grandfather’s house; he lived in Dallas and, soon after, the Cayman Islands.His blockbusters flop; his prestige pictures fall flat. It’s that movie stardom isn’t for Hammer: He’s too quirky to fit into the mainstream roles available to him, and so much more than the sum of his handsome parts.The Lone Ranger was one of Disney’s greatest summer bombs of all time. He might look, as Mirror Mirror director Tarsem Singh put it, like who you’d draw if you were going to draw a prince.Paired with his performance in an Oscar-bound film, these undertones, largely organically surfaced by the internet, have the potential to finally Make Armie Hammer Happen. But is Hammer truly a unique star who’s finally finding his niche — or simply a beautiful, pedigreed white man who’s been allowed, in a way that few others in Hollywood have, endless attempts to discover it?

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