Heterosexual camp

If the Gospel is the story of God’s promises to man, then the people of Sky Ranch are a display of those promises.Through recreation-based intentional learning environments and relationships with culturally relevant, committed believers, our guests "live the story" by experiencing the Truth of Scripture in creative, tangible ways.Even if we do not agree with the assimilationist aspirations of those seeking gay marriages, we can admire the steadfastness of those who struggled to achieve their goal.

The demonstrators marched with signs denouncing the treatment of men being held for consensual relationships outlawed by the state. ) Denizens of the state "mental health" prison in Coalinga, California are challenging the conditions of their confinement.

The death of an inmate has brought attention to the conditions at the facility. ) Eight long years after it was filed, a lawsuit blaming NAMBLA members for the tragic death of a young Boston-area boy has been withdrawn, following a request by the judge to see the evidence.

In aping the heterosexual lifestyle ("We're just like everybody else except for our choice of partners.") much of the gay leadership has cast overboard those they felt to be a liability.

They would also disown, were they alive today, the likes of Allan Ginsberg, Oscar Wilde, Socrates and many other such luminaries and icons of civilization.

We also believe that He was perfect, suffering life's temptations and trials yet He was sinless.

He retained His absolute deity, while He was completely man.

Clancy Clancy bravely contends that adult/child sexual interactions are seldom traumatic to the child at the time of occurrence.

In the predictable furor that resulted, she is at pains to clarify her position on "pedophilia": she's very much against it.

All of this is to the end that we will not be led astray, but under His direction we can be healthy, growing and full of light.

Sky Ranch is called to provide a vision of Godly character, giving an individual hope, a Christ-centered self worth, and an experience that can provide clarity about what is true, who God is, and who they were created to become.

Though marriage is not everybody's thing, one can understand the aspirations of those who long for social acceptance and for the open recognition of their love and choice of partners.

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