Ho chi minh dating girls

No worries though, all of the women who work here seem to be rather upbeat and happy, even if you’re a foreigner with no grasp of the local language.

Next you’ll be taken into one of the many cubicles behind the barber chair set up.

Your temporary date will usually keep the sticky stuff in her mouth until she finishes tidying up your tidbits. A lot of the girls who work here are very good-natured and humorous.

These are small rooms with thin walls and frosted glass windows.

The doors do shut and lock, but that’s about as far as it goes for privacy. You’ll sit it, pull down your pants and underwear, and lay back.

The sign doesn’t say “get your meat swallowed here,” but people in the neighborhood would probably know what you’re going in for anyway.

You can reach the place by taxi, motor taxi, or on foot.

The standard is 100,000 dong, but you can go up to 150,000 dong if you feel you received really good service.

Some guys report tipping as much as 250,000, but that’s really well above and beyond what is expected.

As a very convenient and inexpensive place to get your sausage vacuum packed by hot young Asian women will little hassle, Ben Ny’s is pretty tough to beat. Benny’s “wash and blow” gets a solid 4 stars from me.

Those tired of the will find another with the same set up and price only a few doors down.

It seemed everyone was on it and loved to talk about it.

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