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No other party has declared its opposition to the so called ‘four freedoms’ enshrined in the Maastricht treaty.

In reality the freedom concerned is that of multi national corporations to buy the cheapest, least protected labour and disregard the needs of local communities.

In an interview published on 15th March 2017, the Socialist Labour Party leader told the 'Morning Star' that 'Parliament must reject any proposal from the SNP for a second referendum until the UK has fully left membership of the EU.

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Given the anti democratic ‘first past the post’ system, voters in a small number of seats who switched parties over ‘Brexit’ appear to have decided the outcome.

What is forgotten of course is that Socialist Labour is the only party contesting this election that opposes the EU idea including Britain’s membership of the single market.

Yes, it wants change, but in a nutshell the non socialist left sees the roots of social injustice in political inequality.

Socialists see it in the ownership of economic power.

What these countries shared, the only element they shared, was running economies not sufficiently ‘open’ to foreign capital; they retained (or retain) some degree of state control or national autonomy.

From the Blairites on the right to ‘Trotskyists’ on the left, social democrats view the right of self determination of these nations (but not ours) as incumbent in some degree upon the character of their political system.It has never been more important for capitalism to bury the idea of socialism than it is today.For this reason, it is vitally important for us that the fallacy at the heart of globalism, that civil ‘democracy’ can liberate the poorest nations from imperialism or the poorest people from poverty, does not become the new political ‘norm’ for the left.Instead, in a shameless example of exactly the kind of abuse the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was designed to deter, the political class, including all the 'mainstream' parties, is united in its enthusiasm for a quickie poll in which they hope once again the issues relevant to the lives of ordinary people will fail to be heard.The focus will be the phoney arguments over Brexit coming from the different factions of the establishment.Socialist Labour stands for a national economy built on the industry of our people in a democratic sovereign state that lives and trades in peace, equality and friendship with all other nations.

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