Hot and flirt pinay in facebook

This generally happens to me about once every week or two -- the people are typically faculty or students in Third World countries, or strange motivational speakers and similar types whose pages show they have 3,000 Facebook friends.

Hot and flirt pinay in facebook-72

Then a few days later I got another friend request.

It was the same kind of thing, except with a different attractive woman, a different set of friends, a different set of pages. I can't be sure, of course, but my guess is that somebody is setting up Facebook accounts with nonexistent (or hired) attractive women, and sending out large numbers of friend requests to guys with the hope that many will accept the request.

Once you’re in, you can search through profiles, add people you find attractive and send them a cute note with your introduction request.

This could come off a bit creepy, so don’t overdo it with your note.

However, there was no "send a message" icon, and without that, I just decided to ignore the request -- though, all other things being equal, the idea of an attractive woman as a Facebook friend is not unattractive (!

) to me, as would be the case, I assume, with most guys.

If you spot someone you might find interesting, see if your connection will give you the inside scoop on that person and introduce you. Many unsatisfied partners are seeking thrills by flirting on Facebook.

Yes, even housewives have left their i Village chat rooms to join the Facebook ranks.

Blog readers will know that I am a real Facebook fan, and it has been just amazing to see the spread of Facebook among folks working in the government (and in the tech industry serving government).

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