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Lucas brings Caleb back to Rosewood for Hanna but she's too hurt to take him back.

Caleb explains that he wrote her a letter and gave it to Mona, who threw it away.

They also discover that Garrett can not be trusted after finding out his connection to Jenna. The girls (except Hanna) enlists Caleb's help on hacking to A's phone; however, A tries to shut down the phone, but before A shuts the phone, they were able to discover some clues.

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House chase bet pretty dating

Spencer then cancels as she is having some difficulties with family at home: Melissa, distraught over her missing husband, Ian, threatens not to let Spencer anywhere near the baby.

She decides to make up with Spencer, however, even telling her the unborn baby's name, Taylor.

Later Maya is found dead near Emily's house, devastating Emily.

In Radley, Mona is visited by a woman in a red coat and Mona reports back to the figure, revealing that the A-Team has a new leader.

Meanwhile, Garrett is arrested for Alison's murder after Jenna hands the ripped page 5 of Alison's autopsy report to the police.

After finding more clues, Spencer discovers that 'A' may be her sister, Melissa, but when she and Mona head to A's lair, she finds clues that lead to the identity of 'A': Mona. Sullivan returns after revealing it was Mona who threatened her.However, when a college athletic scout approaches her after a swim meet, she sees an opportunity that could keep her in Rosewood.She tries to convince her parents that the athletic scout "basically offered" her a scholarship to college, but she has to have a record of continuity.Mona also asks Aria to pick a goodbye present for Ezra's last day, since she knows him better "from the play." Spencer thinks that her sister is hiding something to protect Ian.She also discovers that Toby, much to her dismay, has a new job with the Rosewood construction company;— so that he can be free of his parents with the money he earns;— only to be let go on his first day due to a conflict with the clients over Toby's reputation.Hanna's father returns to town, but Hanna doesn't trust him after seeing him marry into a new family.

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