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follow me everywhere with @week i adamantly talk about the best trip to 7/11 ever, ariana grande and the objectification of women, and a transgender boy who was kicked out of the cub scouts.follow me everywhere with @week is adamantly talk about the ignorance of differentiating between documented and undocumented immigrants, the quickly cancelled a&e documentary series "escaping the klan" and then i give some advice to craigslist.Can be shown inline or used as a dropdown beside an input. The font used on this plugin is Roboto, and the icons are provided by Font Awesome which are included remotely from their CDN's.

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follow me everywhere with @week i adamantly try to inspire a good week, cry about driving, speak of missing the mayweather-mcgregor fight, talk a little potus and then i eat crow regarding colin kap.

follow me everywhere with @iamadamconniethis mid-week i adamantly record in the middle of the week in an attempt to make up all the weeks i’ve missed and i begin by apologizing to the boston pd, remember jerry lewis and dick gregory, then i talk about the eclipse, the dilemma of winning..week i adamantly do everything i can to keep from talking about statues, including but not limited to, statues, boston free speach rally, boston red sox, nfl preseason, senator chappelle-nadal (not by name tho), the movie the pianist and whether..week i adamantly tell a story that should’ve ended with me getting shot in the face, try to make sense of the madness in charlottesville and then talk about watching a medium/comic perform, all whilst having a cold and watching the red sox play.week i adamantly make a valliant effort at getting back to podcasting, do some math, thank everyone who reached out to me, recap the headlines i missed, yell at the naacp for being the naacp and not defending colin kaepernick, and then tell a..week i adamantly beg for your attention, wonder if diana ross is still with us, talk about sexting and then review the film "the shack" and ponder God's love.

follow me..mid-week i adamantly complain about my diet, talk a little halloween, get at susan b anthony, express my concerns about the justice league and warn hollywood about it’s sex problem.

follow me everywhere with @week i adamantly speak french, tell a story that i wasn’t going to tell, ask for advice about cat-calling, review the weird movie that suburbicon is, and then i rush off.

follow me..week i adamantly talk about everything i can think of including but not limited to positivity, barbershops, president trump doing good, conspiracy theorists and adding ‘osteen’ to the street lexicon.

follow me everywhere with @mid-week i adamantly whine about having a food hangover, express a little self-distrust and then explain christianity and how the internet just made joel osteen stronger.follow me everywhere with @mid-week i adamantly get quad-lingual, explain my tardiness, have a quick convo with climate change deniers, and then i express my happiness that @potus is declassifying the kennedy assassination.follow me everywhere with @week i adamantly talk about my weekend, babble a little about sports, review the awful that is "the foreigner", and then break open the real issue between boy scouts and girl scouts.follow me everywhere with @mid-week i adamantly babble more than i ever have, explain a bachelor rule, fly off the handle about sean p.diddy puffy combes, count characters for twitter, and then i point out something i noticed about the tragedy in sutherland springs texas..week i adamantly attempt to be a voice of comfort in response to the tragedy in south texas, reach out to black snowflakes regarding the wheaton college "blackface" incident and then i yell at papa john for not being a good cook.follow zoltan everywhere with @zoltancomedy and follow me everywhere with @week on the adamant podcast, i explain why we should look to the pats, that declaring your innocence on social media is always bad, and how my eating habits are getting good.

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