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At Harrison, one of our top priorities is to prepare students for college and career readiness.

Many of them were in hanging baskets and we had one that had trails which were at least 6′ long.

Exotic as they are, they’re not hard to care for at all.

There are over 200 species of Hoyas out there with a diverse array of foliage color and shape as well as flower color and form.

These tropical plants, many of them epiphytic succulents, are vines and some are shrubs. I grow my Hoyas outdoors here in Santa Barbara but I’m giving care tips for them indoors too because they always have been and are now ever popular houseplants.

During the transplant process I did cut off one of the stems to use as a propagation experiment.

When I was training it on the hoops, I cut off the dead ends.

The mix I concocted was a blend of organic potting soil, compost, worm castings & orchid grow mix (which is a combo of fine fir bark & perlite).

Because they are epiphytes just like orchids & need excellent drainage, the bark is a fine additive. Pruning: When mine was growing up the patio umbrella, I can’t remember ever pruning it.

Now that the 1 you see here in these pics & the video has been moved to a shadier spot & into a bigger pot, it’s happy as can be.

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