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There is blood on our hands when we post a video, share it, or join a chorus of hateful comments contributing to a persons destruction.

Teens are following our lead and they won’t stop until we do.

When we lie our true sense of identity and belonging are weakened.

Those are two of the most important things teenagers are developing.

Most of my days were spent in the reading rooms of the Library of Congress pouring over treaties and maps.

However, there was a satisfaction knowing that I was doing something that could help our military in the future.

Focusing on creating fantasy, instead of embracing their true self, stunts their maturity.

Teenagers, especially girls, find out quickly that their newly discovered sexuality can be used for attention, even manipulation. It feels empowering and they do not have the maturity to self- regulate.

Not only can they sustain serious injury or death doing them, but they are not prepared for the consequences when these videos are uploaded. Sadly, this is not just a teen problem, it’s an all of us problem.

I remember reading the book and always thinking that Big Brother would be government.

It’s one thing to party, there is plenty of potential danger with that alone.

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